Student Testimonials

These past 6 weeks at BESt have been more than just a program. The BESt Pharmacy Summer Institute has not only taught me the importance of my academics, but also how to present myself in a more sophisticated and approachable way. I wholeheartedly enjoyed every moment of the program and the people I meet along the way.



After having a little over a week to process the past six weeks, I would like to share my gratitude for what BESt has done for me. I greatly appreciate the opportunity that I was given this summer to learn, make new friends, and grow into a better person.



BESt has helped me in my math and science courses and I have also been ahead of my peers in some of my classes because I learned the material in the summer with BESt. I am currently taking 4 AP courses. I have decided I am definitely going for the pharmacy career.



BESt has impacted my life in many ways. These include a better knowledge of Pharmacy, a greater want to be a part of the medical field… I have also improved my social skills and made many new friends!



I think the BESt program has given me a definite career path…Thank you for opening my eyes to the world of pharmacy and giving me my ideal job.

(Victoria has applied to UMKC, Spelman College, Loyola University, Wesleyan University, and Yale University)



Thanks to the BESt program, pharmacy is certainly a top career choice. I am beginning to realize that I would much rather be helping people face to face than working with designs or mechanics. So this puts the pharmacy schools ahead of engineering. Your program did its job.

(Mario has been accepted to St. Louis College of Pharmacy*, Missouri State, and Missouri University of Science and Technology)

*Mario was awarded the President’s Scholarship to St. Louis College of Pharmacy.



I really want to thank Dr. Player and Dr. Butler for providing me with the “keys” to success! The BESt Pharmacy program is extremely important for future health professionals or any college bound student. I will be a pharmacist, and I owe it all to you and everything done to help me. Especially that pre calc. Currently, I’m in AP calculus and have an 82%, and I know it’s because of the work put in from this summer. Thank you for your guidance and belief in me. It will take me far and lead me only to the BESt.

(Kelly has been accepted to Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, Howard University, Xavier University of Louisiana, Alcorn State University, and Claflin University)



BESt has impacted me personally AND academically. I found one of my bestfriends of a lifetime in your program…and we hang out all the time now! And I love how I’ll see other people from BESt at school games, and catch up. Academically, BESt has made me the BEAST of my honors calculus class. You can even ask my math teacher. Math is my best subject this year. And you already know BESt has changed me from saying, I want to be a pharmacist to I WILL be a pharmacist!

(Rebakkah has been accepted to the pharmacy programs at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Xavier University of Louisiana, Hampton University, Drake University, and Butler University)

*Rebakkah has been awarded scholarships to Xavier, UMKC, Hampton,and Drake.